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Frequently asked questions

What will i need to make my application?

Before applying for a Study Permit, you must be eligible for admission to INSA Management School and receive a Letter of Acceptance. First, you need to obtain the official letter of admission from INSA. Second, you need to apply to the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). The letter of admission is necessary when you apply to the CAQ. Third, you need to submit an application for a student permit. The CAQ is necessary when you apply for the student permit. More information: CAQ: Study Permit:

Do i need a study permit to study in Canada?

Yes! As an international student you must obtain a Study Permit to study in Canada if you intend to study for more than six months.

Applying for your CAQ-How,Where,When to Apply?

TIP: You need to apply to the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). The letter of admission is necessary when you apply to the CAQ. Step 1: Complete the application online and pay the processing fee by credit card. Step 2: Once you complete your online application & pay the processing fee, you will obtain a personalized checklist of the supporting documents that you need to mail to Immigration Quebec’s office (address provided on the checklist). Step 3: Print your application & the personalized checklist. - You will receive a Declaration and Commitments form that you must sign. - You will receive a Checklist form that you must sign. - Scan and save a copy of your documents before sending them, as you will be uploading some of these documents directly to your Study Permit application. - Makes sure to include original documents when indicated on the checklist. Step 4: Send printed application, checklist and supporting documents by mail to Immigration Quebec. Step 5: Once your CAQ application is approved, you will receive an electronic approval letter in your online CAQ portal, that you can use to apply for your study permit. Step 6: Send a copy of your valid CAQ :

Applying for your Study Permit-How,Where,When to Apply?

Step 1: Determine if you are eligible to apply for your Study Permit online by going to the Apply online page of the Immigration Canada website and fill out the “Check your eligibility to apply” questionnaire. Step 2: Print your "Document Checklist" and take note of your personal reference code (found on the first line) as you will need it to start your online application. Step 3: Log onto your MyCIC account (register for an account if you don't have one already) and refer to steps 5,6, and 7, on your "Document Checklist" for further instructions. Step 4: You must complete the "Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM 1294)" PDF form (included in the "Document Checklist"). Step 5: Collect all of the supporting documents listed on your personalized "Document Checklist"

Step 6: Pay the required fees. Processing fee = $150 CAD, and must be paid online using a credit card. Step 7: Wait to receive your Study Permit Letter of Introduction, which will be issued through your MyCIC account. Print this letter, and present it to the Canadian Border Services Agent upon arrival into Canada, and your actual Study Permit will be issued. (Tip: Before you leave the immigration hall, verify that your name, date of birth, gender are all correct on your document, AND that you have "on-campus and off-campus" work provisions under the Remarks section at the bottom). Step 8: Step 6: Send a copy of your valid Study Permit : to Legal Documentation.

Are INSA Courses accredited?

Yes, Ecole de Management INSA Management School is accredited by local government-recognized organizations. Designated learning institution: O137083107422.

Will there be teachers who speak my native language?

We teach our courses purely in English or French. However we will find a translator for any serious issues if necessary.

Does INSA accept group bookings?

Yes! Ecole de management INSA Management School does take full groups of students for courses. For more information, please contact us via our special groups contact form, or directly e-mail

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